Various Artists – OTG002 [Off The Grid Records]


Various Artists – OTG002 [Off The Grid Records]


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Off The Grid unveils the second chapter of its label, this time with two tracks (A1 and B1) from Mataemon, an alter ego of Tolga Fidan, who puts his years of experience into forging two powerful cuts that balance the strengths of the past with the visions of the future, laying driving, deep and playful elements over steady grooves, raving straight from the heart. The A2 cut is the release debut of OG record collector and music enthusiast Matzo Sweetlife, a well kept secret on the outskirts of Brussels, who delivers a no-nonsense track of “machine soul”, soft and dark, pure Detroit style. Rounding off the ep, the B2 marks the return of Oni-Ki (aka Onirik and Minoki) to wax after a short hiatus… this time with a solemn groover, confirming their consistently off-kilter approach, tinged with acid-jazz influences and emotional flights.

Release Date : June 2023

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